Happy Monday!!

Last week, I took it a bit easy with my work for Baby Jess so I am feeling refreshed and ready to hit the ground running with new paintings to get started on plus a boat load of tasks to get done on my to do list! 

As I was giving myself an easier week and took the pressure of to fill each day with task, to dos and so on, I realized I am way too all or nothing when it comes to rest time vs the hustle and grind. So I want to take about creating a "productive rest" week when you need to step off the gas a little but you want to keep moving forward.

Now this isn't a revolutionary idea but if you're like me it might feel like a new perspective when it comes to taking it easy. When your time is limited and you know the only way you're going to get your dream life is by working hard as shit and making sacrifices it can be hard to take a real break. Because a break becomes a set back when you already feel like you can't keep up with what you want to get done as it is. A rest week doesn't have to be you do absolutely nothing at all all week, (but those days/weeks are 100% needed from time to time) but a week to not be so dang hard on yourself and give yourself a little space to come up for air and breathe. I saw this meme on IG the other day and it said something like..."Imagine where you would be 6 months from now if you did one thing every day that got you closer to crushing your goals." I love this because it's such an important reminder that all those small tasks will add up! 

So if you're in go, go, go mode and you can feel the burnout coming but you don't want to totally let go of momentum, schedule a week, few days or whatever feels good and just do one thing a day that is working towards crushing those dreams! 

I am going to share what my "productive-ish/rest week" looked like last week just to give an example but do what works best for you! 

Last week: 

-Worked 4 days at my job, about 30 hours. 

-Exercised 3 days (I usually try to do 4 days).

-Had a pop up at a local coffee shop.

-Applied to sell my work on consignment at local boutique

-Posted on IG each day and hosted a giveaway

-Went to my art class: experimented and played with new materials/ideas

-Got a shit ton of sleep and napped almost everyday! 

-Watched re-runs of Downton Abbey after work 

-Treated myself to some fast food;)


Here are some other ideas of small things you can do when you want to remain productive but also chill the fuck out a bit. I also recommend doing any of these at home tasks while doing a face mask, in the bath or get in your cozies and get shit done in bed! 

-read a motivational book: I am currently reading The 5am Club, about creating a productive morning routine to elevate your life (still working on my morning routine lol) 

-write a newsletter

-create an FB/IG ad


-organize your desk, art supplies

-go art supply shopping

-listen to inspiring podcasts, I like CREATE! Magazines podcast and The Jealous Curator. 

-apply to an opportunity/show/market or make a list of what you want to apply for, deadlines and fees so you can prepare! 

-post on social 

-have a play day with your art, experiment with new materials, watch a skillshare or youtube video and learn something new! 

-go to a museum, local gallery or find local stores you might want to collaborate with. 

Remember to always take care of yourself and if you need a full on break, take it! And if you have any other ideas you want to share that work for you, share in the comments below. Thank you for reading and lets crush this week!