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artist statement

My work initially started out as a collection of children’s paintings inspired by my sketchbooks from when I was young. Now it has become much more than just art for children. I incorporated the whimsy and playfulness of my childhood art with stylized details in order to elevate my paintings and appeal to an audience of all ages. This has become a series of work I call Baby Jess. Baby Jess is art for the young at heart. Art that is full of whimsy, magical creatures and dreamworlds. Art that knows no age.

My paintings are heavily inspired by both the natural and celestial worlds. Light, color and movement are the key components of my work that I utilize to create dream-like landscapes that are slightly surreal. I start all my paintings with the background first. I usually paint a sky or vivid color that is ombre to give the sense that there is a light source and create a glowing feel. The moon, one of my biggest inspirations since I was young, is painted in these luminescent skies in varying colors and sizes. I layer botanical inspired elements on top that fluctuate in vibrancy, creating a range of details that give depth to the composition and invite the viewer in.I paint a little creature in this landscape to add an element of playfulness that is heartwarming and fun. Then, I finish each piece with gold embellishments to imbue each painting with magical details.

Reflecting on my childhood has encouraged me to reconnect with the magical sense of escape and wonder that I felt while making art when I was younger. It has also allowed me to rediscover my love of creating whimsical worlds. During this journey of self-reflection, I have gained a deeper understanding of why I want to connect with my younger self. Through my artistic process and paintings, I have found that I can hold onto what is fleeting: memories, feelings, and experiences from my past. I can never get my childhood back, I will never truly feel like a kid again, and the magical moments that fill my soul are fading as I grow old. The art I create is a reflection of what I hold so dear, the idea that within the madness of reality we can find magic all around us and although I may never be young again, I will always be young at heart.





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For standard orders items will ship within 3-5 business days of purchase date. Please allow 2-4 weeks for made to order prints. Custom paintings vary from 1-2 months depending on the commission.

Return Policy

Baby Jess does not accept returns. If an item is damaged in transit I will happily replace it if possible.