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custom art

Baby Jess does accept a selection of commissions throughout the year! If you're interested in a commissioned piece, you've come to the right page. Here is information about how it works, what to expect, pricing info, what I would need from you and more. Please read through this page and if you are interested in moving forward, follow the next steps. Serious inquiries only please. 
  • I only accept subject matter that is similar to what I create already. Whether its an acrylic painting, watercolor, or drawing, it will be in my unique style and vision. If you haven't already, check out all my collections and you can get a feel for the range I have and my style. 


  • I am open to all kinds of ideas but if I am not confident I can make it spectacular for you, I will not do it. 


  • I do take commissions for smaller items such as watercolor bookmarks, or my dream box dioramas! I will add a 20% custom art fee on top of what the listed prices are for these items.


  • Once we decide to move forward there will be a simple contract, and a 50% non-refundable deposit will be due before I begin. Other 50% is due upon completion. If you are not happy with final piece, you can refuse to accept but I will keep the piece and deposit. 


  • Pricing depends on size, material and medium. For drawings and watercolors, my pricing ranges from about $60-$75 an hour. For acrylic paintings it averages out to be about $75-$100 an hour. If you're on a very specific budget, let me know and I can always let you know if we can make something work with it or not.


  • Depending how busy I am my turn around time can range from 2-3 weeks to a month or 2. If you have a serious deadline and need something quick, I can be open to it but I cannot promise anything. Always ask me, I am happy to help if I can! 


  • Copyright: I retain all the rights of the copyright and you cannot alter or reproduce the piece.
If you're interested in moving forward, email me at or head on over to my contact page!  Information to include in email: 
  • What kind of art; acrylic painting, watercolor, drawing, or if you're unsure you can say that too! 
  • Size 
  • Subject matter, be as specific as you can. Colors you like/dislike, references photos if possible, or anything at all you want to include. 
  • Date when you need it by/where it needs to be shipped to. 
Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you! 


Baby Jess ships worldwide! Free shipping in the US. Shipping costs caculated at checkout for international orders.


Standard orders will ship within 3-5 business days of purchase date.

Return Policy

Baby Jess does not accept returns. If an item is damaged in transit I will happily replace it if possible.